Sketching Newbies : Dragon by Ghazi

Sketching : Ghazi Watercolor and Inking : Ummeh Mummeh


Our recent doing. I have been venturing into the world of watercolor and I really need a sparing partner in this. I asked Ghazi to sketch me some of his finest creature (just because i found a sketch book of gore creatures that he’s been stash under his stack of comic books).

Tapi, to make your kid love what you are doing is not that easy even if he is already start that on his own. So, slowly i blackmail asked him to do me a sketch of a dragon (masa tu ada this one cerita pasal dragon tu…i forgot) haha

Being a good boy he obliged, so to date he drew me a few. I just couldn’t find where i store the drawing (the scan copy) i just recently have a problem with the old lappy. So nanti jumpa i put it here.

Bye. Ciao!

-Mother of the kittens.

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