Resipi : Chicken Cream Soup

Hey Ho. Eh … Salam

Another recipe. Simple yet healthy and tasty. Chicken cream soup 🙂 nommmsss!

1.  Tepung Gandum 2 Sudu besar
2.  Ayam daging – diced, potong kiub
3.  Stok Ayam (Can replace with kiub ayam knorr)
4.  Celery – diced, potong kiub
5.  Bawang besar – Yellow or red. Dedua boleh. I prefer red.
6.  Sebiji kentang – diced, potong kiub
7. Butter – 3 sudu besar
8.  Fresh Milk ( or susu tepung tapi kena bancuh dulu dgn air panas n jgn berketul)
9.  Air mineral – 1/2 gelas

How it works :
1.  Daging ayam tu rebuskan dalam periuk lain. then toskan lepas dia nmpk putih.
2.  Panaskan periuk, masukkan butter and tumis bawang besar+celery.
3.. Dah harum, masukkan kentang (ada org masukkan lewat, saya suka kentang berasa onion)
4.  Masukkan stok ayam/kiub ayam and isi ayam and kacau
5.  Lepas naik bau semua bahan di atas, baru masukkan susu+air mineral tadi.
6.  Kacau lagi sambil nyanyi lagu batu belah batu bertangkup….
7.  dah menggelegak baru masukkan tepung gandum (yang dah dibancuh terlebih dahulu and takde langsung berbiji yer)
8.  Waaaaallllahhh! Siap sudah.

Some of the ingredients

This one is for my son

And this one is for the husband- i tag it with Pastrami Sandwich. Nyummmmm to the mmehhh!

Then and then only you can served the soup with Garlic Bread or other food with full of ummeh loves ♥

Ok? senang kan. Dah, now we can ditch all those instant cream soup! Home cooked food Rulesss!!!!


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