Recipe : Spagethi Olio with Sundried Tomato & Beef Strip

Assalamualaikum & Nite!

I’m feeling super generous of my non-existence time 🙂 So here some recipe for you. Simple and tasty.

Ingredient :
Spagethi (3/4 of the usual packaging)
The more the merrier-Beef strip (I bought gourmesa you can find the brand in Jusco Aeon, Giant, Jaya Grocer or you can always slice thinly the batang pinang that you bought from pasar 🙂
Sundried tomato (handful)
Mushroom (handful -I bought white button mushroom and slice thinly)
Parsley flake- 1tsp
Salt & Peppa’
Olive Oil
Yellow Onion (diced)

As usual :
Boil the spagethi Ala dente. Put aside.
Heat  drizzle of olive oil, add the onion and beef strip. Kasik garing sket, throw in the sundried tomato and mushroom, spagethi. Properly season your spagethi and lastly.. enjoy your dish!.

Senang kan 🙂

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