Food : Terubuk Stim

Salam 🙂

Selalu makan terubuk? this 1, i got the recipe from org sarawak himself. Masa beli kat Pasar Satok, Sarawak. He also gave out tips on how to beza local terubuk and imported terubuk. And of course local one is way more expensive than the imported. Im not kidding, seekor yang boleh dibeli dgn harga RM10 for imported, harga yg local can go up to rm30 or rm40. So, how now brown cow? Rasa wise, i dont know.

Anyway, sebelum ni kalau masak terubuk..sure goreng je. so..pakcik tu suh stim instead. So saya try la stim. Hmmm not bad, not bad at all…but i still prefer the goreng one. heheh sedap!

The taste, not bad. Try lah sekali!

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