New chapter. New adventure.

Assalamualaikum and great day

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Blessed friday. Alhamdulillah.

I start new venture in my life. I start my study in September 2018. Got a full scholar with a healthy sum of bond with the gov. So, probably wont settle for ‘pencen awal’ which i didn’t even consider pun sebelum ni. I love working. I love being in office and sleep under the table at lunch hour. I love spending.  Money that is. haha. And i love the environment for some reason. Well, cut thing short, currently i am on study leave. So good luck me.

I’m supposed to submit a paper at the end of this month. But I have a hard time focusing. I have this weird self progress blocking mechanism which  i maybe mistakenly has installed. I cant speed up doing good things or immediately, the system will auto run and start injecting procrastination booster into the body and it become active and the progress hit plateau phase. Sabotaging myself is like my new goal for everyday i should be moving forward.

Pray for me?

Bye. ciao. #prayforpapersubmission

Mother Lord of procrastination.



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