Kain Review : I Miss My Flight ♥

Salam! haha kain review kawww! pfft.. whatever la aku…

Anyho, sapatah lama tak update blog ni. Ghazi la ni, dah pesan suruh tlg update. Tak juga buat. Harap je muka comel. Tapi tak pandai menaip lagi rupanya hahaha ok stop.

Ops, tittle I Miss My Flight yang mananya bukan lah saya (obviously, daa). Tapi, it’s a friend blog . Haha . Yes THE Iman Mukhlis is actually starting a business. wooot! wooot! gv him some love!! *tgn aksi tahan langit*  Neeeway,  I already bought two from the last batch of the IMMF.  I cannot snap mine sbb dah hantar kampung and buat baju raya already. What? so soon? ye la diva.. kena siap baju awal, kata 30 pasang. :p The kain r beautiful beautiful embroidery (sulam) kain pasang. Seriously, tak mohong, The kain also very sejuk, and the variety of the colour are massive. Boleh beli utk, mak, adik, kakak, tokngah, tok sedara belah hasben and so forth.  Oh hey, the kain and the IM is actually a real deal, ok, dont worry. He’s my batch mate and soon to be course mate. So, the authenticity of the blogger and the kain is guaranteed la. Not a scam. It’s real people. So, let’s go hey-ho, take scroll and do your booking k. Beside, do ur shopping people, mama need her discount, 30 pasang remember? hewhew

 I Miss My Flight ♥ 

Till next update (which i dont know wht year)


LL Cool J ♥

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