2015 already? haha

Alhamdulillah. Yes yes, I’m still here yes. Being a superbusy (or superlazy). To summarize it all, got pregnant, blessed with the cutest daughter, still actively cooking (much more simpler) is thinking about getting back to photography (or not) and Alhamdulillah live has been good. Syukur.

I dont have any promise to you that I will start blogging (regularly) again. But yes. I will make some times InshaAllah 🙂

Here is my little darling at 10 hours old 🙂


Yes, Abg love her dearly. Sometimes too much.


And she is one happy poser


And Abang has start his job cleaning tall building window


haha kidding!


And here they are, exactly this morning.

*how’s that for an update.



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