Monstera Deliciosa

Also known as Swiss Cheese Plant. Why? Is Swiss Cheese look like this? (I googled of course, not that i don’t know how the Swiss cheese look like eh and still, no resemblance there) Any ho, I happen to fall in love with this plant and suddenly all nursery are selling them. Where were they when i had to search high and low for this babies. Well, never mind..i found it tho. And of course I was dreaming of the biggest flap and greenest color when i start planting them. But it wasn’t that fast and easy. It was slow and steady grower till now. He just like peeking through getting to know me and then he will decide whether he wanted to or not. So far, he is kinda slow bloomer. But that’s okay, mommy are here waiting for you till you are comfortable enough to go big and go gigantic.

Easy baby, never had any problem with pest and i just water him 4 days apart. Organic fertilizer (baja tahi ayam, fish emulsion).

Thrive baby!



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