Indoor Houseplants 101

I have bunch of plants indoor. Sansevieria is definitely on top of the list. Easy babies. Apart from that, I have couple of Pothos in the bathroom (wait, is it three? or 4?.. lost counts eh), I used to have Boston fern (wilting), Clusia (still in probation mode), Peperomia obtusifolia (still on probation), Philodendron Raja Congo, Peace lily (brown tips and yellowish-probably too low lighting), handmaiden fern (wilting) and Aloe Vera. I used to have Areca Palma in the room, but had to move outside because of powdery mildew on the leaves -a fungus (which later i get rid by making my own solution of dishwasher soap and cooking oil and water, spray ’em good for 3 days).

My take on this indoor plants topic is actually no plants should be indoor 😳 If they are to be put indoor, you must always check on the lighting, water them right and the air circulation must be very good. So, if you decide to put some of your baby indoor, be nice and responsible. Study them before you decide where to put them, know the right lighting (there’s this study about west window or east window, whatever you sun light are direct facing and get a compass to know that haha), the right soil and type of pot and also you still somehow have to take them outside to busk in the sun sometimes (unless you have proper direct sun light into the room).

If not, not happening. Please grow them outside ok.

Stay green.


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