ID-ing with the indoor babies

We have been busy with our indoor plants. Relocating and finding the perfect (or almost) to give them some love and light. Real plants of course (i do have some plastic plants as well yup). Did some decor with the plants is easy. Because they fit anywhere, and as long as you follow the rules (light, humidity, sunshine or direct light once in a while) you are good to go.

Place some near the west facing sliding that get the direct light in the morning and the soft light through out the day. Carefully select the type of plant that can tolerate indoor humidity as well. So far, we get the philo’s (burle marx, birkin & selloum) and the pothos (marble queen & brazilian) the money plant and peace lily. We have variety of sansevieria (moonshine, laurentii, black gold, bantel, dwarf laurentii, hahnii, whale fin) imma sucka for this babies.

For now, all are doing great. We been turning them and also showering them with love. Some day, i’ll bring them out for good fresh air and to be directly kiss by the sun.

They are doing fine.

Love, light and lots of green

-Interior Designer Planter

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