Sansevieria/Snake Plant

Philodendron Birkin


Hello! Salam Kehijauan.

Mak ai. The things is, i love blogging. Tapi kenapa a few years memang stop terus I dont know. Maybe sebab ada facebook (which i recently deactivated) sebab tu tak kisah pasal blogging. Takpe, mari berdoa kita rajin blogging after this.

Anyho, greens are always in.  I have been into gardening and mostly an indoor plants and some edible greens. Not too big on flowery type of plant. I just simply love fern, sansevieria, philodendron, monstera and so much more that i have already forget the name since i am still too excited sebab dah dapat update blog haha!

I will definitey blog about how to be green …a haa.. tajuk tu tajuk… begitu….


Till next post

Ciao sayangku.

-Ummeh of the greens


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