Skateboard Babies

Ghazi has been doing skateboard for 5 years now. We have been trying (not so hard) for Dhia to venture into the same leisure activity too but to no avail, the persuasion hasn’t been so much a success yet. But, Luth seems having a big interest in the game. So, we might give it a go. He has been standing calmly and going from step 1 to 5 in no time and enjoying it.

Luth on skate

I in the other hand has no more worried about the scratches, bruises and cut (or maybe even broken bones haha) You just have to deal with it. I wont elaborate more on that.

So, we have tried the Mont Kiara skate park, the place is love on the first sight. Big shady area, spacious, ramp for all types of skills, they have shops near, car parks is everywhere. It is love. ehe. The only minus point is only the distance. It’s kinda 30 mins drive from our home. Quite far for us.

But other than that, it is kinda perfect for us. So might consider going there more often. (I might lah)

Ghazi gettin ‘high’ on the ramp


Skatermonster Ummehmonster

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