Resipi : Nasi Mandhi. Grilled Chicken. Salad

Salammmmm!! *vacuum habuk*
Haha! sorrrry sorrryyy for the long hiatus. Work and life had been very demanding lately. Nyehehe. And i just go with the flo’ baybeh. So anyway anyway..sapa tengok Jamie’s 30 Minute Meal cookshow on TLC? phewwww! tengok tak dapur dia? it’s a heaven lah! i loooooooooooooooooong for that kinda kitchen. And yes, i’ll be getting it one day. Insya Allah. Eh ok. Digress. That’s not the point! Nak cerita pasal one recipe that he did yesterday or any otr day la.. lupa bila.. haha he made Jasmine Rice, Grilled Chicken w Homemade Periperi sauce and roasted potatoes kalau taksilap.
And yes, looking at his cooking, i was salivating all over the couch haha. So bila terliyor mula la gatal nak masak kan. Hehehe. So instead of Jasmine Rice (sebab actually dia mcm nasi biasa je) I’m trying Nasi Mandhi (Arab’s cuisine) because it was light and easy peasy to make. And since i thot periperi sauce will give u some acidic and burning sensation i try to balance it with simple salad. So, it ala fatoush salad but no so fatoushy cause i left out some ingredients. haha Mana nak cari, sini punya kedai arab jual barbican byk la haha. 
Anyway, to make it easy some more. I just copied the recipe in Ghazi’s note book and i snap it! yaaah! this way i dont have to re-type it in the blog hahaha.. Genius eh? hahaha ok tak genius, pemalas rupanya.
So 1st of all, i used a lot of lemon, extra virgin olive oil, olive oil and pepper (black, red, yellow, green) So please do alter the ingredient according to your palate and level of kemasaman ok. If u overdo the lemon, u’ll get the periperi sauce too acidic. ok? got me? Experiment, taste.
First of all… let me introduce u guys to the main player of this recipe 🙂 Hopefully, this will help u guys ok.

First. Let’s grilled the chicken. . Simple simple stuff. I had some of the ingredient replaced, for the periperi sauce instead of vinegar, I pour in some lemon sprite. Give you the sweetly tangy taste. And for seasoning. I throw in some extra stuff and I’ll mention it later.

And i pre-grilled the chicken before soak it in the periperisauce and grilled it AGAIN in the oven.  Seasoned your chicken with pepper, sweet paprika, salt, thyme (a lots), garlics and extra virgin olive oil. Masak kasik nmpk dia dah separuh masak. And smell..hurmmmmm~ Then, blend your ingredients tu make a peri peri sauce. Remember, always taste and season. Taste and season. Until it is ok. When I’m blending the sauce, i didnt put any water sbb sprite lemon and lemon itself is enough.

Masukkan ayam and sauce in the oven. And grilled about 20mins or more.

The grilled chicken recipe- noted that i changed some of the ingredients

blending the periperi sauce

before pre-grilling the chick. Seasoning is important.

It taste superyummeh!

Next is Salad. The simplest one. Just make sure u seasoned it just nice with lemon and olive oil and salt also black pepper. You may want to lay down the pepper if there’s kid involve in the parteeey. hehe

Shud be fatoush salad but i’m missing some of the ingredients, but if u guys can find the Sumac’s spice and bread. Then, it’s shud be complete and can graduate as Fatoush Salad 😉

The easy recipe

See, i told u it’s super easy.

Next and the last one. Nasi Mandhi. Just make sure u have the right amount of water. 2:1 (Water:Rice) But, i ran out of basmathi and add up some beras siam. 3 pot basmathi and 1 pot beras wangi. I soaked em for a good 1 hour. Then air boleh letak 1:1. When u cook, always check ok. Kalau tak lembut just pour in some more hot water to make it puffy and lovable.. eh? hehe

Rempah penumis perlu ditumis dulu smpi naik bau then baru masukkan campuran bwg+halia ok. Naik bau then throw in the kismis .. a little later masukkan air, kacau sket and then masukkan  beras and  pour in dlm rice cooker and let the rice cooker do the rest. Senang kan 🙂

How to make it colourful? senang. Air yang dicampur masa awal tu, masukkan sikit serbuk kunyit. So itu akan jadi base colour dia. Masuk 1 tbs kecil ok. Dont worry, takde rasa pun naty. Then bila masak, add some more colouring. Kalau nk merah. buh titik² merah and kuning pekat kan. then gaul and naty jd la bintik² cantik sedap di makan!

resipi nasi mandhi,


So, how was it? Senang kan? Please do try. Kalau semua bahan ada dalam dapur, it only take  under 1 hour untuk siap semua. Tapi the taste. is umppph! sedap puas hati 🙂

That’s all folks.

Selamat mencuba!

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