Food Review : Red Card Cafe, Bangi

Salam Maulidur-Rasul ♥
Wow, long time no update. Been to busy at office. No time for home mean no time for blog also 🙂 No time for blog mean more time eat out hehe. Yes, actually..who don’t love eating out. No hassle, keep your kitchen sparkly clean, and you have somebody (for the home chef) to cook for you! kan kan kan 🙂
So, it’s always crucial for me and husband to have our own set of restaurant that we will go if we have to eat out. One of it is Red Card Cafe in Bangi.  Yes darling, they provide good pasta’s according to my Malay palate. That is so important. If you are a die hard hardcore true original Italian Cuisine, this cafe might not run well with your taste bud. For me personally, it have been alter (which was good) for our Malaysian taste. So there u go, my disclaimer for the day 🙂
We have been a loyal customer for about 2 years now. Or is it 3? The cafe was actually a tasty-accidentally found by us. We used to try out Cat Farish Cafe just behind the block. And we did found this little red cafe that have the beautiful and homely interior (back there in 2009) and just went in. And yup, we have been coming there since that. 
They have a good range of AFFORDABLE pasta’s, mouth watering appetizers and Red Card also have a range of Asian Cuisine. Have i mentioned the cheap to average prices? yes, you can have a plate of pasta’s as low as RM8 🙂 oyeah. no kidding baybeh.Cheapo!
So what we have had recently here?
I have my sundried tomato & beef pasta’s ..nyummm just think about it make me drool! It have the tangy and sweet with a twist of kaffir leaves taste. AND, it cost me only RM 10.90. Tastttty! do try .Husband had his Seafood Oglio at RM 9.90. Cheap kan? ok, that just make me wanna cook some oglio tonite haha. And my little happy man had his kids meal  of Nugget, Sunny side up egg, fries, hotdog at only RM 7.90.
And yes, I have had their bruschetta, (a delish!!) , fried rice, steak, soup. Sedap sesuai dengan price tag nya 🙂
So go try out red cafe ok 🙂
Red Card Cafe
26A Jalan 3/70, Seksyen 3 Tambahan,
43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor
Operating Hour: 5.00pm – 12.00am
Tuesday – Sunday (Closed on Monday)
My sundried tomato & beef pasta *drool*

Im supposed to snap the beautiful countertop haha but i dont know how your guys will interprated this pic. well, non-pro photographers at work here 🙂

Ghazi’s meal

Seafood Olio

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