Food Review : Chinese Muslims Restaurant, HOMST Kajang

Salam Sunday!
Sunday dah. Phew. Cepat sgt masa berlalu kan. We r at the end of January already. So how is January treating you so far? I have no complaint Insya Allah. As long as husband and my dearest son are with me, its all good. Alhamdulillah.
Well..well..I do promise a food review kan. So since, end of January will always be my busiest month of all. With all the office workload and others, there’s always a good reason why we have to eat out and  find a good restaurant to unwind all the busyness. And since yesterday is the Federal Day Celebration, and I just watched  a Dragon Dance, my rumbling tummy gave out pretty good idea. A Chinese food! haha Yes, when you have your head full with food and the biggest appetite for a stomach, dragon can also be inspiring too sometimes. Watchout dragon! haha
Before I started,  a disclaimerwe do have a different palate, so I will always do review according to my own opinion. And the range of price also will be review according to my own pocket. ok 🙂
I always love Chinese food. IMHO, Cheng Ho’s in 2008 are the best Chinese Muslim Food we ever taste. There’s no other Chinese Muslims restaurant are as good as their cooking back then. Enough of the Cheng Ho-ing. Lets start.
We have been recommended by Zaza to try out HOMST, Kajang. A chinese muslim restaurant which she described as “Murah & Portion Besar” Yes, who don’t love Big Portion Cheap Food! So we heading to Prima Saujana to try out the chains.
We had  Salted Egg York Soft Shell Crab (surprise..haha), Kong Po beef, Kangkung Belacan (just why didn’t I ordered Kailan? why Linda??)Fu Zhou Taufu Soup and for beverages I had my syrup and Abah had his Chinese Tea. I always love seafood and Abah do have to eat meat for some reason haha.
So how was it? The Soft Shell Crab is nice. And yes, the portion are big. We do have enough of the crab already but still there’s a leftover waving at us on the plate. The Crab were dipped into the salted egg and deep fried and later were seasoned with some curry leaves and cili padi. A small RM20 for two is much already. Taste-wise? the taste is worth the price. If it isnt for crab,  I will opt for buttered prawn instead, but since I do been missing crab since CNY holidays,  I just give it a try. Not a frustrating attempt at all. Do try!
Kong Po Beef, don’t come as plentiful as the crab were. We opted for the smallest plate for RM 13.00. But the taste wasn’t as spectacular as i thought it should be, but its also worth the money spent. It just I tasted better. And I tasted worst. HOMST’s stand between that near to better of course. So this would be recommended also for the worth of the money spent 🙂
Kangkung belacan is good. The flavoring is superb. I love the crunchiness yet the taste is rich and yup for RM 7 in a small size, we did think they being to kind. We cant finish the whole plate. Its worth it i give u heart on this one homst.
Fu Zhou Taufu Soup is a savory soup. As I not a big fan of corn-starchy-soupy. But this one is an exception. When you can do an exception to a food that you don’t like, so it is worth a try. A hit with my son Ghazi 🙂 It is a cool combination of egg tofu, veges, eggs, chicken. For RM7, you should just pay it because its cheaaap and so worth it!
So all and all, HOMST is a nice place to eat your chinese muslim dish with a very clean place, a  good and fast service (we waited for only 12 minutes) and worth your money. I came in somewhere between 4 to 430. They already run out of some menu. And Zaza told me if you guys come at night, they will be more menu out of stock or HABIS. So come early for a wide range of menu and fast service. Thanks  HOMST! and Zaza for the recommendation 🙂 big ♥ to Hannah *muacks*
Selamat mencuba!

The address:

HOMST’s, Prima Saujana, Kajang (03-87340760)

No. 47G & 48G, 
Lalan Prima Saujana 1/1A,
Seksyen 1, Taman Prima Saujana,
43000 Kajang, Selangor.
HOMST-Prima Saujana, Kajang

Salted Egg York Soft Shell Crab

Kong Po Beef

Kangkung goreng Belacan

Fu Zhou Tofu Soup

This one dont sell, only the tea ok. hehe ♥

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