Recipe : Grilled Chicken & Butter Rice


Hai hai! harini rasa nak up kid recipe (my version-lah). O yes, a simple simple and the prep is always² under 20mins. 30 mins top. I learned to cook real fast from my Mak and also because my son said so. He always in the middle of nothing, come to me and “ummeh, Ghaji lapar..tolong macak nasi lemak” and yes, sometimes it’s in a middle of a night. So ummeh will go, *kelempung, kelempang* in the kitchen and waaalllah. Siap! And he just a cute photocopy of his Abah 🙂 Always “emmm..cedap, techiyu ummeh”..always 🙂 You know guys, take an honest tips from me, “ALWAYS give your heartiest thanks for the hardship of your other half in the kitchen, even though that is her responsibility” And before you know it, she’ll be cooking more often 🙂
So here here. stop with the jabbering, lets start cooking. Since i said it is so simple. so The recipe will require no skills at all. Only a skill to read and buy because you do have to read to buy stuff rite? haha *lamest joke*
1 saiz tapak tangan Ayam dada/ayam with no bone
1/2 sudu kecil thyme
1/2 sudu kecil parsley 
1/2 sudu kecil paprika
Just a pinch of lada hitam
2 sudu Olive Oil
Bawang putih -2 ulas-racik
Bawang merah kecil -1 ulas -racik
Tomato ceri – 3 biji
Marinate all those stuff kat atas! weee-ho!
And buat little hole and stuff some of the bahan, kalau saya..saya suka masuk bwg² tu dlm lubang².
Last sekali baru tabur minyak olive oil
Bakar dalam 30-45 minit.
Angkat and serve panas² dgn bayam goreng and butter rice.
Butter rice pun  senang
Nasi masak panas², gaul dengan butter, letak a pinch of salt and 1/2 sudu kecil fresh thyme.

Dish ni, saya nak bagi lengkap healthy serving nya utk Ghazi, i stir fry some bayam. Since he love any green, and he no picky² one haha dia makan dgn lahapnya!

Pergh! rasa dia..mmg orang besar pn hadap sekali. OK! selamat mencuba!
**Ghazi makan licinnnn!
Actually, ummeh and abah had our fair share of mengepow nasik Ghazi ni haha

i dedicated this recipe for Ghazi’s unofficial awek (which i personally pilih hehe) – Miss Sofea 🙂

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