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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Resipi : Patin Masak Asam dengan Belimbing Hitam

Assalamualaikumwbt & Afternooooooooon! (Ghazi made me tekan 'O' banyak² hehe)

Ikan Patin  bukan je boleh  masak tempoyak. One of the almost famous dish adalah Masak Assam. Perh. Actually this is my favourite compared to Patin masak tempoyak. I will rate this number one in anyday. Plus  my Mak always put in some belimbing hitam yang membuatkan ia sgt sultry *airliyor meleleh*. Ok takbleh type dah, benti kejap.

Seriously, belimbing hitam is the best asam in cooking most of Malay Food. No offense asam jawa, u still  in my list ehe. Belimbing hitam ni adalah belimbing buluh yang di rebus lama  until it’s shrink and turn colour. *pause, lap airliyor* omaigod!!! Sedapnye kauuuuuu!!!!Perh perh perhhh... ok takyah cite psl si hitam tu dah..terus la dgn bahan pulak.

Eh before that, masak asam ni required no tumis whatsoever. So bwg is no need in this recipe. Sume renih je. Senang kan kan kan.

Ikan Patin
Asam Belimbing Hitam
Kunyit Hidup
Lada hijau kecil
Daun Kunyit
Daun Kesum
Bunga Kantan
Rebung (Optional) 

Tumbuk kunyit+lada sampai lumat.
Letak air dlm periuk smpi ampuh ikan, masukkan semua di atas. Didihkan sampai masak.

Siap! hidang makan n gemuk!

Sila la cuba!

Belimbing hitam


Patin Masak Asam dengan Belimbing Hitam


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