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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Resipi : Kerang Goreng Kicap

Salam Ahad!

Lagi satu update resipi? aci? Haha sementara tengah rajin. And I finish all my home chores and Abah is helping me with Ghazi's. They are singing happily while doing homework. Wait. Singing? why issit with me is all screams??? haihhhh.. hahaha Anyway, yes. Another simple recipe yet a delish.

Kerang goreng kicap. Saya adalah hantu kerang. Kerang will go shiver to hear my name haha. I am the hantu of shell seafood. Love 'em! And yes, I've been searching this recipe for a long time. A friend from itm used to cook this. And I've been longing to try it since like em. 12 years? hahaha ok lama dah rupanya tinggal zaman sekolah yehehe. Okfine dah tua sikit. Sikit?? Okfine, in denial sikit. Sikit?? hahaha ok dah jom terus ke resipi!!!

1/2 kilo Kerang - Basuh bersih².
4 ulas Bwg merah
1 cm Halia
5 ulas Bwg putih
2 batang Serai
Cili kecik
Kicap Manis
Kicap Masin
Sos Tiram
Minyak utk menumis
2 helai (helai ke eh haha)Asam Keping

Cara (senang jeeeee...)
Tumis bwg² and halia.
Masukkan kerang. Bagi di rasi rasa. Then masukkan kicap, sos tiram and cili, asam keping and cili.. Masukkan air, then biar didih sampai dlm 5-7 minit. Kerang dah terbuka, air dah kering then boleh terus makan. Senang kan! hehe

So selamat mencuba guys!


Siap, sedap!


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