I love photography and eat good food. I have the biggest crush on my son and my husband. My life revolve around them. I'm a part time domestic goddess and part time government slave. I used to extort people money through photography. That is the main reason why this blog exist. Sadly, time is my number one foe. He never let me multitask too much. But hey hey, cooking isn't that much time consuming. And i believed, a moms cook will make their kid love grow stronger in every munch. And yes ladies and gentlemen,I cook and I brag about it. So here goes. Here to a good picture and a good, easy, healthy home cooked dish! May you guys be inspired and COOK for the loved one! Insha Allah

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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Resipi : Simple Roti Telur

Salam Pagi Isnin yang bersiaran dari rumah! 

Haha bongkak sikit bunyi sebab mnggu ni dapat cuti free isnin selasa kan. Heeeee. Ok hey hey.. the simplest recipe for healthy breakkie today. Roti Telur! haha ok fine.. dah tau jangan kutuk, ramai lagi kawan bujang saya tak tau idea ni :p This can be called french toasted juga kenkawam. Can be it with maple syrup, honey, strawberry jam (ini saya yg suka haha) or even sambal bilis! Just choose which suite your palate the best :) Im just giving out the idea :)

Leftover roti gardenia/roti burger/roti hotdog -potong ikut suka atau langsung tak potong pn takpe
Telur 1-2 biji ikut kuantiti roti
Susu, ratio 1:1 kalau telur banyak tu, susu pun byk tu juga
Garam ( a pinch)
Butter (utk goreng)
Serbuk kayu manis (satu cuit aje)

Mix susu+telur+garam+serbuk kayu manis-whisk
Panaskan frying pan and melt thhe butter untuk start goreng
Then goreng and walaaaah siap!

Serve and eat with whatever u like :)

Note: I used safe eggs. Tak hanyir and really elok untuk anak yang banyak alahan hehe. Before crack shell tu pastikan kita cuci dulu telur tu ikut adab nabi. Susu is always Full Cream Milk! baru cepat gemok!

Selamat mencuba!

Basically, ini je la bahan-bahan dia :)

Boleh potong ikut shape tuan/puan suka or tak potong pun okay!


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I always believe home cooked meal is the best for your family. So, since yours truly have now and then always been so busy.. I always make sure my recipe of love for my husband and son is the simplest yet healthiest at most of the time. Insya Allah.

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