I love photography and eat good food. I have the biggest crush on my son and my husband and our new princess. My life revolve around them. I'm a part time domestic goddess and part time government slave. I used to extort people money through photography. That is the main reason why this blog exist. Sadly, time is my number one foe. He never let me multitask too much. But hey hey, cooking isn't that much time consuming. And i believed, a moms cook will make their kid love grow stronger in every munch. And yes ladies and gentlemen,I cook and I brag about it. So here goes. Here to a good picture and a good, easy, healthy home cooked dish! May you guys be inspired and COOK for the loved one! Insha Allah

Love Linda Latip

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Picture : Lala & Daging


Seems like an odd couple right? but i love lala so much and abah Ghazi love his meats. So this one is when collide.

Daging masak kicap  &  Lala goreng berlada for dinner.

Mind you, i am hopeless romantic (in heart)

I you Abah :)


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