I love photography and eat good food. I have the biggest crush on my son and my husband and our new princess. My life revolve around them. I'm a part time domestic goddess and part time government slave. I used to extort people money through photography. That is the main reason why this blog exist. Sadly, time is my number one foe. He never let me multitask too much. But hey hey, cooking isn't that much time consuming. And i believed, a moms cook will make their kid love grow stronger in every munch. And yes ladies and gentlemen,I cook and I brag about it. So here goes. Here to a good picture and a good, easy, healthy home cooked dish! May you guys be inspired and COOK for the loved one! Insha Allah

Love Linda Latip

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Resipi : Butter Milk Chicken


Satu lagi resipi senang. Nampak je susah padahal..tobat mudah. Barang pun pakai yang ada kat rumah je. Takyah susah2 cari yg kompleks2. Ni kalau makan kedai sepinggan cecah gak la kat rm20/set.  Buat kat umah same modal dapat sekuali makan puas husband senyum :)

Here goes.

Bahan untuk ayam goreng tepung.
2 tapak tgn boneless chicken
Tepung gandum/jagung/tepung goreng ayam adabi atau aji
Telur 2 biji
Mcm biasa..celup ayam dlm telur then tepung dan goreng smpai rangup n garing.
*bahan atas untuk goreng ayam salut tepung dulu. Dah goreng letak tepi.

Bahan utk kuah butter milk.
Butter dlm 250g -potong kiub masukkan dlm kuali
Bwg putih 5ulas -potong dadu halus atau tumbuk lumat
Lada kecik hijau- kalau nak pedas letak la 7-8ulas dh potong halus
Daun kari - 3 tangkai
Garam secukup rasa
Susu pekat manis - 1 sudu besar
Susu cair dutchlady/tin cair - 1 cawan
Tepung jagung utk pekatkan kuah dlm 1 sudu
Lemon perah dlm 1 sudu stgh

Cara :
Butter cairkan dlm kuali panas. Masukkan bwg putih, daun kari, lada kecik hijau sekaligus. Dah naik bau, masukkan terus susu cair dan pekat. Kacau lagi then agak dh rasi masuk garam jgn byk sbb grg ayam td dah ada garam. Last masukkan bancuhan tepung jagung. Nampak dh pekat berbuih..masukkn perahan lemon then baru cmpak ayam yg dh goreng tepung msa awal td. Serve!

Boleh buat kuah dan method sama utk sotong..udang..ketam.. lembu je takde org try lagi. Hehe

Selamat mencuba!

Butter milk Crab

Resipi : Mee Udon Goreng


Memandangkan memang dah taip pun resipi ni di FB, so kita share je la kan. Mee udon goreng ni buat bila takde idea nak tukar selera ke. Buat la memlm masa tgh ujan pergh. Sedap.

Mee udon 2 peket (1 peket dia sket je..mcm 1 layer je, so untuk mkn 3 org kita buat 2 peket) udon ni kena rebus dlu ikut arahan kat peket dia. Kalau xde arahan dgr arahan aku eh hahaha rebus 3 min shj.
Daging dlm segenggam atau lebih. Hiris halus
Fishball atau fishcake -kuantiti ikut suka
Lada benggala hijau & merah- ambik suku setiap satu n hiris mancis
Daun bwg secukup suka. Potong seinci or setengah inci ikut suka
Taugeh segenggam (optional)
Lada hitam satu sudu kecik
Sos tiram 4 sudu besar
Kicap manis 4 sudu besar
Lada kisar stgh sudu besar
Bwg putih 2 ulas tumbuk lumat
Bwg besar mayangkan

Macam goreng mee je.
Panaskan mnyak masuk bwg2..naik bau masukkan lada kisar dlu..dh agak masak n garing, masuk daging..abis air daging kering masuk fishball n fishcake then masuk lada benggala.. pastu masukkan udon..then masuk sos tiram..kicap..rasa dlu kalau perlu garam. Kalau x takpayah. Last bru msuk taugeh, daun bwg & lada hitam. Siap!

Pastu nak serve dgn lada jeruk pn sedap.

Selamat lah mencuba smile emoticon

Resipi : Kerabu Pegaga


*sapu habuk*

Haha. Eh pemalas sgt skrg ni. Anyway, kita update terus lah. Harini resipi kerabu pegaga ok. Any sayur berkaitan boleh tukar je dgn rencah sama contoh nak buat kerabu jantung pisang ke so ganti je la jantung pisang dgn kerabu atau kacang botol ke, pun boleh. Janji sedap. Ikut je  turutan resipi k.

Selamat mencuba :)

Kerabu pegaga dengan bunga kunyit. 


2 cekak pegaga (blh buang akar atau tak)
Bunga kunyit hiris satu inci -kuantiti nak masuk pun ikut kita. Saya masuk 1 btg tu
Bunga kantan hiris halus- 1 btg
Ikan bilis- segenggam atau lbh (saring atau goreng mnyak smpi garing senang tumbuk)
Lada hitam- satu sudu besar
Bawang merah kecil-mayang halusssss2
Santan (pati) - 2 sudu besar
Air perahan limau nipis- 4 sudu atau kurg ikut thp korg nak masam mcmmn.
Garam (xperlu byk sbb ikan bilis dh masin)

Bersihkan la semua ulam n potong ikut arahan kat atas
Ikan bilis goreng tumbuk dgn lada hitam smpi lumat
Dah siap semua gaul je
Santan, limau nipis dan garam masuk akhir sekali sebab nk balance rasa.

Siap. Hidang. Makan lah 😊

Friday, 17 April 2015

Recipe : Spagethi Olio with Sundried Tomato & Beef Strip

Assalamualaikum & Nite!

I'm feeling super generous of my non-existence time :) So here some recipe for you. Simple and tasty.

Ingredient :
Spagethi (3/4 of the usual packaging)
The more the merrier-Beef strip (I bought gourmesa you can find the brand in Jusco Aeon, Giant, Jaya Grocer or you can always slice thinly the batang pinang that you bought from pasar :)
Sundried tomato (handful)
Mushroom (handful -I bought white button mushroom and slice thinly)
Parsley flake- 1tsp
Salt & Peppa'
Olive Oil
Yellow Onion (diced)

As usual :
Boil the spagethi Ala dente. Put aside.
Heat  drizzle of olive oil, add the onion and beef strip. Kasik garing sket, throw in the sundried tomato and mushroom, spagethi. Properly season your spagethi and lastly.. enjoy your dish!.

Senang kan :)

Egg Toast For The Egg Boy


I believe most of you know how to google :)

I mean how to do this-lah. Malu nak letak resipi, sebab there is none. So here some picture for some ideas of what to cook or you kids tonight :)

Selamat memasak!

Friday, 16 January 2015





2015 already? haha

Alhamdulillah. Yes yes, I'm still here yes. Being a superbusy (or superlazy). To summarize it all, got pregnant, blessed with the cutest daughter, still actively cooking (much more simpler) is thinking about getting back to photography (or not) and Alhamdulillah live has been good. Syukur.

I dont have any promise to you that I will start blogging (regularly) again. But yes. I will make some times InshaAllah :)

Here is my little darling at 10 hours old :)

Yes, Abg love her dearly. Sometimes too much. 

And she is one happy poser

And Abang has start his job cleaning tall building window 

haha kidding!

And here they are, exactly this morning.

*how's that for an update.


Sunday, 21 September 2014

Disclaimer and Copyright Restriction of

Assalamualaikum w.b.t & Salam Sejahtera

Hate to do this, but with the recent public sharing of my blog post (which i don't know the person of course) here goes your disclaimer. Read carefully and think twice before you just feeling like trashing other people free willing write up ok :)

To the best of my knowledge, all the recipes were cook with the measurement that knew by heart and I'm sharing the recipes with no intended to do business (or to reach certain level of viewer for a purposes) I don't. I just share for the love of  food and sharing. You can Google the exact measurement from more accurate blog post or write up somewhere.  All information should be use with your own responsibility.  If you think the recipes is not fit to be cook, you are welcome to try others recipe other that condemning mine.

This blog and the content available on it are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis without warranties of any kind, either express or implied and you agree use of this blog and/or its content is at your sole risk.

Copyright restrictions
Since, i have too many too much picture of my own (unless stated else) I have to do this also. (sorry) Everything you see or read on blog is owned by me or used with permission. You may not copy, use, or retransmit anything from my blog without my written consent. Editing or removing watermark on image(s) is strictly prohibited and automatically qualifies as breach of intellectual or personal property. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to

Thank you & really guys, have a nice day :)

Linda Latip